Team vs Time

TEAM VS TIME is an interactive city escape thriller, based outside in the open air! Played in teams, you have 70 minutes to save your city from destruction! Complete challenging missions, discover your wild and creative side, create and answer exciting puzzles, turn the city upside down and get moving so you can save it from destruction!

Location : The game takes place in a specific area of the city - established at the time of booking, depending on the customer's preferences

Things you should know about this activity

The game can be played at any time and date, and it lasts 70 minutes. Upon reservation, we will require either your address / hotel's address as we need to send the game pack. Of course there is the option the customer comes to pick up the package from our central office. What we provide: Briefing, Game information, Instructions on how to install the app, Code wheel (cut it out in advance). What you need to have prepared: The teams, A smart phone (with working internet connection) per team, Comfy gear.

Message From The Host

As during the game, you will be required to take photos and videos in order to complete the missions, all the material will be sent to you within 1 working day.

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