Lisbon Street Art Tour

Take in the colorful streets of Lisbon's thriving art scene, an open-air gallery for today's most innovative urban artists. Study works from graffiti to sophisticated murals as you get a feel for the locals. Meet up with your art guide at the tour office and start your tour of the city's frequently changing offerings. See whimsical murals of animals like lizards and horses taking up the side of an entire building to political and social statements such as Obey Giant's great murals in contrast with the affluent area surrounding it. View small masterpieces concealed in the hidden alleys and narrow streets of Old Town to large-scale modern installations in wide open areas, many possible due to the local government's huge focus on urban renewal. Enjoy seeing work in progress, as well as some that's been there for decades, during this amazing cultural tour in a city known to have the most extensive and some of the best works of Europe's street art movement.

Location : Rua Luz Soriano, 67 1Esq. 1200-246 Lisbon

Things you should know about this activity

Don't forget to bring comfortable shoes: you might be walking on uneven /steep streets.

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