Dali Museum & Medieval Girona

We'll depart at (8.30am / 9.00am) and begin by driving to the town of Figueres, which is about 1.5 hours north of Barcelona and is the birthplace of the late Surrealist painter, Salvador Dalí. The most famous landmark in this town is the museum that Dalí created in the 1970's where a huge collection of his works is housed and displayed. Once we arrive, you can take a few minutes to walk around and take photos of the building's facade while the guide is purchasing your tickets. After spending 1.5 to 2 hours in the museum on your own (unguided) and exploring a bit of the old quarter surrounding the museum, we'll head to the town of Girona for the afternoon. Girona is a very well-preserved medieval town of about 100,000 inhabitants that has a stunningly beautiful old quarter and Jewish Call. It is full of tiny, winding cobblestone streets, pedestrian bridges, colorful houses and buildings lining the Onyar River, great shops, charming cafes and restaurants, an incredible Cathedral, Arab Baths and much more. We'll take a stroll along the top of the ancient Roman wall that still surrounds part of the town, as well as wander through the peaceful gardens inside the towers at either end. After a great lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, and an interesting tour of the old quarter (about two hours long), you may have a bit of time to roam around and explore on your own, or simply to hang out and have a drink in one of the local bars or cafes, before heading back to Barcelona.

Location : Banco de Espana

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