Kayaks & coves of the Costa Brava

We'll depart Barcelona at 8:30am and drive just under 1.5 hours north of Barcelona to the central Costa Brava and, after some brief instruction, head out on the kayaks for about four hours. This time is spent paddling up and down the dramatic coastline and taking plenty of time to swim, snorkel, jump off rocks, explore and enjoy a great picnic lunch on the beach of a secluded cove. Ocean kayaks are much different than river kayaks in that they are wider, longer and much more stable. They are not made to roll, although this doesn't mean that you can't tip over and dump yourself into the water. If this happens, there is a simple technique for getting right back into your kayak, and the guide will be there to help out. The picnic lunch generally consists of a fantastic sandwich on fresh baguette, mixed nuts or chips, and fresh fruit. The coastline of the Costa Brava is rugged and beautiful, offering amazing views of cliffs, coves, caves and great rock formations. You should bring along your swim suits (already on under your clothes would be easiest), sunglasses, sunscreen, a mid-size towel or cloth to sit on (a sarong or cover up would work), something dry to put on after kayaking and some sport sandals or flip-flops that are okay to get wet. The sandals are not necessary, but it is nice to have them when walking around on the beach during lunch...the beaches on the Costa Brava are not all soft sand, some have a lot of small rocks. Also, if you have very sensitive skin, bring along a hat and/or shirt to protect yourself from the sun reflecting off the water. And don't forget a camera! Best to bring a waterproof disposable, but you can bring along a regular camera and take photos when we stop for lunch. (While paddling it would be kept in a dry bag on the guide's kayak, unless you have a waterproof container that you can wear around your neck, for example.) Even though there will be two dry bags, please don't bring large towels as most of the room will be taken up with our picnic lunches. The things that you won't bring on the kayaks can be kept locked in the back of the van.

Location : Banco de Espana

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